2010-08-29 - PHM Course Preview

~10.7 miles @ ~12.2 min/mi

"Are you Megan?" I ask the lady who waves at me in the Bethesda parking lot. Indeed she is; we ran 21 miles together a week ago, but my bad memory for faces (mild prosopagnosia?) makes me unsure. When she says "Yes!" I confess that I guessed Megan because there are two Megans and it therefore doubled my chances of being right. We laugh.

A subset of Rebecca Rosenberg's group (those not running this morning's Annapolis 10 Miler) gathers a bit after 7am and carpools in Sonia & David's car out to the soccer field on Rock Creek Trail at Veirs Mill and Aspen Hill Rd. Craig Roodenburg meets us there and we run downstream back to our start, following the final 10+ miles of the Parks Half Marathon route. The PHM is two weeks from now, so today is a preview for those who plan to run it. I'm scheduled to again pace the 12+ min/mi group, as in 2008-09-14 - Parks Half Marathon Plus and 2009-09-13 - Double Parks Half Marathon. Gayatri Datta, who has been ill recently and who ran hard yesterday, hangs back with me as the other four trot ahead. We trek along, chatting and catching up on gossip about friends and fellow runners.

^z - 2010-09-13