2010-10-11 - Northwest Branch Trail

~4.8 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Sewer stench every mile breaks the enchantment of the Northwest Branch Trail upstream of milepost 4.5, the Adelphi Manor Park cricket pitch. I begin about 8:30am on Columbus Day federal holiday morning after dropping kids off at the nearby University of Maryland. The Andiamo 44.5 mile ultra two days ago has left me a bit tired, with small blisters on both feet and big toenails bruised but not yet purpled. My trot begins at ~10 min/mi pace and accelerates to finish breathless at ~8 min/mi. Underpasses with flood-muddy patches below New Hampshire Av and Piney Branch Rd are slippery. Construction equipment doing utility work blocks the trail just before the steep gravel Oakview Dr climb. No hillwork today!

(cf. 2008-09-11 - NWB Hill Work, 2010-04-01 - Northwest Branch Trail, ...) - ^z - 2010-10-19