2010-12-05 - Mormon Temple Hillwork

~6 miles @ ~10 min/mi

A sleek red fox trots across the path and pauses to wonder why anybody is out today. I've replaced a circuit board on the water heater, and am rewarding myself with a few Sunday afternoon repeats on the hill near the Kensington Mormon Temple (Stoneybrook Dr between Beach Dr and Kent St). Temperatures in the 30's and winds in the 20-30 mi/hr range blow away intentions to do five or more—I'm satisfied with three, climbs of 5:08 + 5:03 + 4:57 and recovery-descents of ~4:40. Heavily bundled against the elements, a few pedestrians hike by as I run back and forth. A father-daughter tandem bike flying a pirate skull-and-crossbones flag coasts down. I meet it again on Ireland Dr during my return home.

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