2010-12-21 - Parking Lot Laps

~4.5 miles @ ~8.5 min/mi

Every step I take crunches on the sidewalk — not from snowmelt refrozen into ridges, but due to excess salt crystals applied by the grounds crew. A total eclipse of the moon a few hours ago has left lunacy in its wake: I remember to bring my gloves but only don a single layer of clothes. So the early morning wind is chilly, especially during the first lap around the office parking lot. Though I don't notice it much during the run, afterwards I realize that I should have worn a double pair of shorts. (Say no more!) At least I got rid of the Holey Socks that I've been using for far too long. Descending pace for the ~1.5 mile circuits: ~9.6 ⇒ ~8.1 ⇒ ~7.6 min/mi.

^z - 2010-12-27