2010-12-26 - Comedy of Errors

~10.7 miles @ ~10 min/mi

A week ago Cara Marie Manlandro and I planned a long run today, tentatively an abridged version of our big loop on 2009-08-15 that went down Beach Dr into Rock Creek Park and then curved eastward along urban and suburban streets. But the forecast for this Sunday morning is snow, possibly in significant amounts. When I awaken early I decide to go at 0530 to take care of the kittens of a friend who's out of town. Comrade Kate Abbott and I had hoped to run together, but the threat of a blizzard preempts that.

But as the sun rises there's no snow, only a big raccoon dashing across the street as I return home. CM and I confer and agree to meet at the DC-MD Line at 0745. I jog the 3 miles there as I did last week; alas, on her way there CM's truck is rear-ended by a car which then drives away. Damage minor, but must file report, so no run this morning.

Coincidentally a text message from Ken Swab arrives: he's on his way to Bethesda for an 8am run. We talk and decide to head along Leland Dr in opposite directions and meet, assuming neither of us gets lost. Just west of Connecticut Av I spy Ken, clad in ninja-black. My attempt to hide behind a bare sapling is feckless, especially since my fluorescent-green HAT Run shirt is blindingly bright.

Ken and I return to Bethesda, chattering all the while, and proceed up Old Georgetown Rd to loop around NIH, in the opposite direction to the circuit CM and I did on Friday. Ken's son Andrew Swab spots us as we pass the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad building where he's working, and gives Ken a call on the cellphone. Ken shows me the Bethesda Trolley Trail south of the NIH campus, and we return to finish at the Vace Italian delicatessen which Ken recommends.

(cf. GPS trackfile of the run) - ^z - 2011-01-04