2010-12-28 - Parking Lot Laps CCW

~4.5 miles @ ~9 min/mi

The sidewalk is white with salt drifts. This morning I was crowned, or rather, got a temporary crown at the dentist. By mid-afternoon when I venture out the temperature has risen to the mid-40's, but strong gusty winds make it feel cold enough to keep hands retracted inside sleeves. I regret not wearing double shorts. Circling the parking lots, I dodge drivers intent on escaping work. Beams from the setting sun reflect from aluminum pillars into caustics, ripples of light frozen into lines like at the bottom of a swimming pool. Descending pace for the 1.5 mile orbits: ~9.3 ⇒ ~8.4 ⇒ ~7.7 min/mi; pulse ~180 after that final blitz.

^z - 2011-01-06