2011-01-09 - CJSVT with Mary

~5 miles @ ~16 min/mi

Sorry Dr. Mary, I'm late! Until I go out to the car this morning I don't realize that the MINI Cooper has headlight washers; today I see that one of them is stuck, protruding next to the headlamp. A quick Internet search finds that other people have had the same problem, and a quick tug removes an errant white grommet that seems to have been left in the wrong place, perhaps during recent work in a body shop. When I arrive at the River Rd parking lot for the Cabin John Stream Valley Trail, Mary Ewell is patiently awaiting me. We've run from here before (see 2008-05-17 - CJSVT with Mary and 2008-08-30 - CJT - Mary's WHM Warm-Up). Upstream we trot, admiring the Frank Lloyd Wright house cantilevered above us near Bradley Ln. The turnaround is after ~2.4 miles, from a side path to Seven Locks Rd instead of crossing the creek. Mary is back from a holiday break (and some illness) so we take our time, walk the hills, and chat about training, family, friends, injuries, sweating, electrolytes, and a host of other fun themes. Back at our cars Mary decides we need to do a few more furlongs to make the magic 5 mile mark for the logbook, so we cross River Rd and do a quick out-and-back there.

^z - 2011-01-23