2011-02 - Stationary Bicycle Pedaling

In an attempt to let my left-foot plantar fasciitis heal I violate conventional wisdom and don't practice "Up Your Mileage" as most would. After a painful experience (2011-02-07 - Parking Lot Laps) I avoid all running for three weeks and instead pedal on Paulette's stationary recumbent exercise bicycle in the basement while watching random movies using her portable DVD player propped up on a box nearby. Each 15 minutes corresponds to perhaps a mile of slow jogging. The logbook:

Date Duration Movie
10 Feb 201190 min Apocalypto
1390Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
1630The Lost Room (miniseries)
2090Bulletproof Monk
21120Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
2330Arrested Development (season 1)

The result of this feeble attempt to maintain some shreds of fitness? TBD. I recommence running on 28 February and thus far the left heel seems no worse. Friend Cara Marie Manlandro asks if I'm so foolish as to try a marathon this weekend. "No way!" I reply, "not a marathon. It's a 50k!" We'll see how that goes.

^z - 2011-03-02