2011-03-20 - Piece of Cake 10k

6.2 miles @ ~8.2 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Piece_of_Cake_10k_2011_z_by_Dan_Reichmann.jpgThe Beast wears his number inverted to avoid bad luck, and holds his hands in Parvati-statue mudra in an effort to relax into the run. After a few miles a tight left hamstring turns out to be more troublesome than mild plantar fasciitis in the left heel.

Rebecca Rosenberg rides with me to/from the race and we enjoy conversation during the journey. Christina Caravoulias volunteers at registration; Don Libes and Ken Swab taunt me at the start. The GPS trackfile gives splits of 07:43 + 07:45 + 08:18 + 08:13 + 07:55 + 08:29 with 07:04 pace for the final fraction. Overall it reads long by a few percent.

Official results put me in 126th place out of 327 runners, 96/176 males, 8/19 among the 55-59 year old male cohort, at a total time of 50:43, almost 4 minutes slower than my PR on the course of 46:57 for the 2009-03-21 - Piece of Cake 10k.

(photo by Dan Reichmann) |

(MCRRC photo links: finish line [1], pre-start [2] & [3] & [4], partway along [5], later [6]) - ^z - 2011-03-27