2011-08-21 - 10x200m Intervals with Clair

2.5 miles @ ~12.5 min/mi

Clair gives me ice water — heavenly! — and we decide to do a bit of speedwork at her local track: ten 200m repeats with ~2:30 gasping recovery between. Clair runs a second or two faster than me after the first few half-laps. She averages ~47 seconds for 200m. Gentle interrogation elicits a confession: she was a sprinter, hurdler, and mile relay racer in her well-spent youth. Back at her home: refill bottle with ice and water, say good-bye to cute baby Sophie, then follow R St west to 7th St. Catch a #70 Metrobus in a few minutes. Stand up to get off in Silver Spring: seat-mate looks suspiciously at the wet spot where I've been sitting. Sorry Sir! That's summer running for you!

(GPS trackfile, 2011-08-21 - Metropolitan Branch Trail to Clair, ...) - ^z - 2011-09-01