2011-12-26 - Rockville Millennium Trail Loop

~10.7 miles @ ~9 min/mi

When will I learn? Half a mile down Rockville Pike, intent on getting to Taco Bell for a recovery $2 Value Meal, I suddenly realize that I've left my fanny pack on the roof of the MINI Cooper. In it are cellphone, water bottle, and miscellaneous candy bits. Unlike on 2009-07-05 - Catoctin Trail with Caren, today when I stop at a red light, set the parking brake, and get out, I see it's miraculously still there, balanced precariously. Whew!

Today, on the Monday holiday after Xmas, I plan to go to the laundromat and do the family's dirty clothes — the washing machine in the basement isn't quite installed yet, leveling feet aren't right — but then I learn that daughter Gray has a violin practice session in Rockville. It's a run opportunity, a chance to redeem myself after the summer meltdown 2011-08-17 - Rockville Millennium Trail jog. I park again at the CVS on Wooten Parkway near Rockville Pike, tag the car, and start my GPS as I join the trail at mile marker 5.0 on the sidewalk there.

What a difference 40°F makes! It's a chilly day and even with pauses at major road crossings that add a few minutes I manage to blast along comfortably fast, with splits 8:41 + 9:05 + 8:51 + 9:14 + 9:09 + 8:32 + 9:07 + 9:55 + 9:15 + 8:26 + 8:40 according to today's GPS trackfile Quite a contrast to the crawl last August. Packs of young ladies run by the other way, many in University of Maryland shirts. I recognize the route that Jennifer Weiland and I took on our 2011-12-03 - Lakewood - Glen Hills - Hollinridge Ramble with Jennifer a few weeks ago.

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