2012-01-08 - CM's Neighborhood Loop

~14 miles @ ~10.3 min/mi

The clerk at Taco Bell says, "I saw you running down Veirs Mill Road a little while ago!" I plead guilty: Cara Marie Manlandro and I have just finished enjoying a 14 mile loop around her extended neighborhood this morning, and I'm ordering a recovery snack. The GPS trackfile splits read 9:49 ⇒ 9:48 ⇒ 9:51 ⇒ 9:58 ⇒ 9:42 ⇒ 11:07 ⇒ 9:44 ⇒ 9:55 ⇒ 9:46 ⇒ 10:43 ⇒ 11:29 ⇒ 10:20 ⇒ 11:16 ⇒ 9:45. We take walk breaks along the way, especially during the climbs out of Rock Creek's valley, and pause to refill bottles at water fountains.

Our one disagreement: as we near the end of the trek I'm under the impression that we need to go at least a mile farther. I distinctly remember seeing "15" written on CM's wall calendar for today as I fill my water bottle in her kitchen. CM denies it vehemently and swears that this is a 14 mile day. When we get back we discover that we're both right: the long run progression does demand 14 miles but CM wrote the wrong number down. Oops!

^z - 2012-01-20