2012-03-21 - Lake Artemesia Crossover

~2.6 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Robin and I drop Gray off at the PG Philharmonic orchestra rehearsal and head for the track at UM to run laps — but alas, it's Spring Break and the groundskeeper tells us that it's closed for restriping. We thank him and walk to Cole Fieldhouse in hopes of experiencing the indoor track that Robin has run in the past, but it's locked. So we drive through campus and park at the College Park Community Center near the Paint Branch Trail. After picking our way through the brush and along/around the fence we jog the fraction of a mile down the PBT to Lake Artemesia. I accelerate and do an initial mile, including that warmup, at 8:09, followed by a 7:30 mile, then curve off the loop to cut across to the bridge and hook back to meet Robin on the path back out. The GPS trackfile shows the path. Venus shines bright above Jupiter as Metro and Camden Line trains rumble past us.

^z - 2012-04-04