2012-12-19 - Evening East Rockville Ramble

~4 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Zig vs. Zag decisions don't come easy in the dark with clouds obscuring a first-quarter moon. Apparently my befuddled brain can't accurately compute left vs. right from a map with North at the top: tonight I make multiple wrong turns and repeatedly have to backtrack after leaving the Millennium Trail to explore an East Rockville neighborhood route back. Xmas lights are lovely on dozens of houses: flashing stars, marching ants, polychromatic sprays. Comrade Cara Marie Manlandro can't come out to run this Wednesday evening (family duties preempt her) so as on Monday it's solo trekking time. A mile farther than planned, the final leg of the journey is through Maryvale Park. DB Keith's gift of a new headlamp keeps me on the paved bike paths, mostly. DW Paulette is at the Rockville Library for a board meeting; DS Robin awaits my return there, so we can visit Taco Bell together. Both the Garmin GPS and the Runkeeper app concur on distance and pace. Right-hip-point ITB is still achy.

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