2012-12-30 - Rock Creek Ramble

~16 miles @ ~11.5 min/mi

A blustery-cold morning along Rock Creek into DC begins late, with DW and DD occupying both home bathrooms as they prepare for morning outings. I text-message ahead so the usual suspects can, if they wish, meet me en route. On Rock Creek Trail my phone rings as I'm heading downstream toward the trestle. After minor confusion the pack suddenly materializes in front of me: Rebecca Rosenberg, Gayatri Datta, Sara Crum, Barry Smith, and Emaad Burki. When I explain part of the cause of my delay Emaad suggests, "Aren't there plenty of bushes in front of your home?" I contend that there aren't enough leaves, but Emaad comes back with, "You can always use pine cones!" With that, Sara and Rebecca dash away.

The rest of the trek is uneventful. Barry starts early and finishes with Emaad. I follow Gayatri and Sara and Rebecca down Rock Creek to Pearce Mill, where we turn back. When they finish with ~13 miles I decline kind offers of a ride and jog solo home. The Garmin and the Runkeeper log similar miles.

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