2013-01-21 - Austin Walnut Creek Park Tangled Trails

~6 miles @ ~13 min/mi

How to cause others to appear immediately if you're lost in the woods and haven't seen anyone for miles? Just step off the trail to relieve yourself, and somebody is guaranteed to materialize! Or so it seems at times. The complex maze of trails in this off-road biker's paradise has befuddled me before (cf. 2010-07-19 - Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park, 2010-07-20 - Tangle of Trails, and 2012-01-15 - Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park Trail Tangle). Today I meander west, explore the boundaries of the park, follow on a whim "Mark's Art" with its highly banked curves, pause to photograph caliche cliffs and hillsides, and finish up the ~10k trek by sprinting (slowly) the final segment back to the parking lot. Runkeeper estimates the distance ~3% short compared to the Garmin GPS, perhaps because it doesn't resolve all the twists and turns.

(see [1] for park trail maps ...) - ^z - 2013-02-03