2013-09-29 - Northwest Branch and Sligo Creek with Barry

~12 miles @ ~12.2 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Northwest_Branch_Rock_z.jpgSunday afternoon: trot to Barry Smith's home, then up Northwest Branch Trail and back via Kemp Mill and Sligo Creek. Dog-walkers along Northwest Branch are out in force. At the big rock I practice cross-training by faux-lifting it. Barry shares an image on Facebook and reports that it gets more "Like" clicks than anything else he has posted.

We follow Kemp Mill to Arcola rather than take the Wheaton Regional Park trail. A svelte girl at University Blvd in black two-piece running garb encourages us to push the pace. To reach the water fountain at the Sligo-Dennis Rec Center I sprint a fast quarter mile.

Runkeeper and Garmin generally concur. |

^z - 2013-10-19