2013-11-03 - Rock Creek Trail with Mary

~3.5 miles @ ~12.5 min/mi

Begin at the end: Mary Ewell & I do a late lunch of eggplant and tofu, Chinese food at the Jade Rabbit -- yum!

Then rewind past a mini-hike-tour of brush-overgrown statuary at the National Park Seminary. Pause for photo ops.

Before that, run a brisk 5k along Rock Creek Trail from just inside the Beltway downstream to East-West Hwy and back, past friendly cyclists and dog-walkers.

Start with a stroll through autumn leaves down Ireland Dr to the creek valley.

Throughout, enjoy wonderful conversation and shared memories of past races.

Thank you, Mary!

Runkeeper and Garmin tell the tale of distance, pace, and route.

^z - 2013-11-21