2013-11-10 - MCRRC Candy Cane 5k

~6.3 miles @ ~9 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Candy_Cane_5k_2013_z.jpgNo, it's not wise to run with eyes wide shut and mouth wide open! Image by Dan Reichmann is from the final stretch of the MCRRC "Candy Cane 5k", a fun run with good friends. Garmin GPS suggests the course was short, closer to 3.0 miles than 3.1, as does gun time of 21:50. The GPS estimates average pace of ~7.4 min/mi (with approx. splits: 7.5 + 7.5 + 7.2 min). Before the event I warm up by jogging from home; afterwards I stay to cheer runners coming in for the final 100 yards.

Official results put me barely in the top 100, behind 80 men and 16 women, and 3rd of 15 among the 60-64 year old males. Runkeeper has the entire day's trekking, with pauses but no splits between the trip down to the course, the race, and the return jog. The Garmin GPS records three separate trackfiles, before and during the race and afterwards. |

^z - 2013-11-30