2013-12-12 - Pimmit Hills Loop with Kristin

~2.9 miles @ ~11.5 min/mi

Dawn isn't for another hour, but an Iridium satellite almost 500 miles above the earth catches the sun's beams and bounces them down to us at 6:10am. Kristin and I walk backwards down the street to spy the -6 magnitude glint high in the northern sky. We're out for a chilly loop around the Pimmit Hills neighborhood, braving brisk breezes and temps in the upper 20s. Mostly we stick to the middle of the road, to avoid icy patches on the sidewalks, but we take detours to evade cars as sleepy commuters and school buses zip past. Runkeeper and Garmin concur on distance to better than 1%. Our mile splits by the Garmin nicely descend, 12:11 ⇒ 11:32 ⇒ 10:49 min/mi pace on the final fraction.

^z - 2013-12-30