2013-12-15 - UM-NWB-Oakview-NH-Adelphi-Metzerott-PB Loop

~10 miles @ ~10.2 min/mi

Today's trek is roughly a mirror-image of yesterday's: from the Music Center, head west on University but turn upstream along Northwest Branch Trail; climb out of the valley and, via Oakview, New Hampshire, Adelphi, and Metzerott roads, come back to campus in a big loop. There's some getting-lost and wetting-feet in the brush behind the apartments at University and Metzerott, trying to bushwhack through to Paint Branch Trail, then giving up and taking to the roads again. End when Runkeeper reckons 9.99 miles. The Garmin rolls over to 10.00 before hitting the Stop button.

^z - 2014-01-02