2013-12-18 - Rockville Millennium Trail

~12.4 miles @ ~10.4 min/mi

A big amber caution-light of a full moon rises next to Jupiter at mile 10 of a Wednesday evening run around the Rockville Millennium Trail. DW is at a Library Board meeting. Skaters cruise around the rink at town center where the trek begins. Temps are in the 30's. Pick up the pace in anticipation of a Taco Bell dinner, make the crosswalks safely at the traffic lights, and then ~20 minutes after the run ends: Brrrrrrrrrr! Uncontrollable shivering suddenly starts, as I climb out of the car at the fast food joint. Don a thick parka in a feeble effort to get warm. Garmin and Runkeeper record the route. Splits from Runkeeper: 10:10-10:30-10:26-10:48-11:09-11:22-10:25-9:42-10:00-10:03-9:53-9:45 and 9:43 min/mi on the final fragment.

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