2014-01-15 - Glute Attack - 400m Intervals at UM Track

~1.8 miles @ ~9.5 min/mi

Northwestern HS athletic field is locked, and looks too dangerous to sneak into, but at 7:30pm the not-so-pearly gates are wide open at the UM track. After four solo 400m intervals in the gloom an old left gluteus maximus (or is it the gluteus minimus? or just the hamstring?) starts to twinge — and after the 5th repeat it's definitely time to cry "Uncle!" and limp off the oval. Ouch! Lap splits are a brisk 1:43 + 1:41 + 1:41 + 1:41 + 1:45 as a nearly-full moon peeks out briefly, then hides its face. Searchlights dance across low clouds from the direction of the basketball arena, and chill winds gust. See Runtastic and Garmin for data.

^z - 2014-02-14