2014-01-25 - Beach Drive Trek with Loren, Barry, Gayatri

~16 miles @ ~12.5 min/mi

Today's chilly run features winds that make it seem even colder. Temps are in the 20s and there's ice on the sidewalks. After one solo Mormon Temple hill climb I join Barry Smith and Gayatri Datta for 10 down Rock Creek and back. Along the way we meet Loren Alikhan, a young DC lawyer out on a long lone run; her car wouldn't start this morning, and she missed a meeting with her buddy. We accompany her for several miles back to Barry's and Gayatri's cars, and then I escort her back down Jones Mill Rd to East-West Hwy, from which she knows the way home. Runtastic concurs generally with the Garmin GPS.

^z - 2014-02-19