2014-02-01 - Chilly Saturday Ramble with Gayatri and Co.

~21 miles @ ~12.6 min/mi

At dawn Venus gleams brilliantly as I trot to Bethesda on the icy Capital Crescent Trail. Two fast runners heading east greet me. "Who's that?" I ask, peering in the gloom. Jim Whitnaw and Pete Paulson identify themselves. Gayatri Datta joins me for ~15 miles, and then with Barry Smith, Ken Swab, and Rebecca Rosenberg we do a bit extra. A passing cyclist on Beach Dr drops her water bottle at least four times, and each time that she stops ahead of us I pick it up and return it to her. On the way home I teach Barry the "Doomsday Rule" for mental Perpetual Calendar calculation. Runtastic and Garmin provide GPS data.

^z - 2014-02-21