2014-02-02 - MCRRC Country Road Run 5 Miler

5 miles @ ~7.8 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/MCRRC_2014-02-02_Country_Road_Run_5_mile_0.jpgJog from home to Barry Smith's (Runtastic/Garmin GPS) where Ken Swab kindly drives us out to Olney for the MCRRC "Country Road Run". The course seems familiar, though the logbook says it's been half a dozen years since the last encounter (cf. 2006-02-05 - Country Road Run, 2007-02-04 - Country Road Run 2007, 2008-02-03 - Country Road Run, Country Road Run).

One day after a slow 21 mile trek things turn our well: official time 38:55, about 30 seconds behind arch-rival 7-year-old Jason Parks, 106th place overall, 88th of 189 men, 5th of 18 in the 60-64 year male cohort. Mile splits by the Garmin GPS are 7:34 + 8:00 + 7:53 + 7:33 + 7:45, not too horrible pacing given somewhat hilly terrain. Runtastic and Garmin record the route.

(photos by Conroy Zien)

^z - 2014-02-22