2014-02-15 - Icy Leland St and Beach Dr with Gayatri

~12 miles @ ~12.3 min/mi

Slouching to Bethesda on Saturday morning for a meet-up; rainbow oil slicks show the safer spots between icy patches on the pavement as chilly drizzle shifts to sleet and then eye-stinging snow showers. Gayatri Datta jogs with me for the middle ~5 miles as Barry Smith, Don Libes, Ken Swab, and Rebecca Rosenberg trek ahead on Leland St and Beach Dr into DC. A peloton of salt trucks lines up in preparation for duty. On Brookville Rd at the party store parking lot, a prize lies in a puddle: a pair of soggy houndstooth gloves. Runtastic and Garmin GPS concur on course and pace.

^z - 2014-04-06