2014-02-16 - Icy North Bethesda Trek with Ken and Don

~12 miles @ ~11.9 min/mi

After the latest snow it's an icy shoulders-of-the-roads Sunday afternoon jog to Ken Swab's home, where Don Libes joins us for a meander around the north Bethesda neighborhood, pulling me along for 5 miles with hilarious banter. Then the achy old left hamstring joins the twingy old right knee (banged against the car door last night, ouch!), and mutually persuade me to wimp out and take the J2 Metrobus most of the way back home, after Ken kindly shows me a shortcut to the nearest stop. At that point, however, OCD kicks in and makes me add a few final blocks to ensure all GPS readouts exceed 12 miles. Runtastic and Garmin GPS concur in the foolishness.

^z - 2014-03-08