2015-09-04 - McLean Loops

~6.6 miles @ ~13.5 min/mi

No, it was a LIE!" We trot along Ed's Loop, debating the nature of Truth and the sometimes not-so-fine lines between oblique disclosure, subtle implication, over-simplification, misleading omission, and outright falsehood. (cf. "Lying" by Sissala Bok (1978)) One of us notes that it's easy sometimes to speak truth to power: "The worst they can do is throw me off the project, which would be great!"

Kristin and I admire the last quarter moon and Venus rising as we ramble in the darkness to Olney Park, circling back to refill water bottle and pick up Beth at sunrise. Crickets chirp in chorus. We accept the humidity and try not to fret about too many responsibilities that loom on the calendar in weeks ahead. Quibbling abounds. "Is it just me, or do you do that to everybody?" gets the answer, "It's not just you!"

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