2015-10-07 - Everybody But

~7.9 miles @ ~13.0 min/mi

"Maybe there should be an 'Everybody But ...' set of pronouns — words for 'Everybody But Me' and 'Everybody But You' etc.?" and "I didn't do it for her — I did it for me!" (paraphrasing Scott Pilgrim) and "Maybe I should use the First Person about 80% less?" This morning there's much blathering-in-the-dark by one of us. Kerry and Kristin listen patiently. The waning crescent moon peeks between clouds above bright Venus.

Beth takes the torch from Kerry as we loop past the start. We explore cut-throughs between Windy Hill and Hooking Rd and connecting Evans Mill and Dolley Madison. Discussion includes pronunciation (is it "Windy" or "Windy"?) and how to cheat at Candyland or Go Fish. Beth and Kristin jointly clear away a giant spiderweb on the path by 123, like runners in a tie to break the finish line tape. A major GPS glitch in Runkeeper when we stop at the MITRE-1 loading dock appends ~1.5 miles at ~10 seconds/mile pace, along local roads back to McLean Knolls Park. Weird!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2015-10-31