2015-11-28 - MCRRC Turkey Burnoff 10 Miler

~10.0 miles @ ~8.9 min/mi

"Your sign should say 'Run quickly' not 'Run quick'!" Mr Picky Grammar Cop tells the girl at mile 4.5 of the Montgomery County Road Runners Club 10 mile Turkey Burn-Off race.

"I told you so!" says her father. A few minutes later they've squeezed in the extra letters.

A deer dashes through the woods. "She's off course — disqualify her!" A coughing fit provokes hip adductor and groin muscle twinges. This year's result is ~9 minutes slower than the 2013-11-30 - MCRRC Turkey Burn-Off 10 Miler and ~6 minutes slower than the 2014-11-29 - MCRRC Turkey Burn-Off 10 Miler. A ~10 pound weight gain accounts for ~3 minutes slower, and aging for a ~1 minute annual deceleration. Must train harder!

(Official results: 150th place overall of 310 finishers, 106/172 males, 9/17 males age 60-64, midcourse time 44:23, gun time 1:28:53, chip time 1:28:29 — trackfile) - ^z - 2015-12-13