2018-04-16 - Fortunate Flood

~5.9 mi @ ~12.0 min/mi

"You've got a pen and paper? You can write the Dawn Patrol log report during the run!" K-Rex is amused to hear that somebody forgot to empty his pockets and carries, in addition to note-taking materials, wallet and reading glasses. Fog glows in headlamp lights. K2 finds the way to a narrow pedestrian cut-through between neighborhoods where Melrose Drive has a 100-foot gap. Puddles decorate the pathway after overnight thunderstorms.

"This morning's forecast was for heavy rain and strong winds. We're lucky!" Then at mile 5 the deluge hits. Pause to put on windbreakers — then shiver and seek shelter from the storm. We are so fortunate indeed!

(trackfile, Mantra - So Fortunate (2018-04-25), ...) - ^z - 2018-05-07