2018-04-21 - Rock Creek Cave and Chickens

~10.2 mi @ ~13.6 min/mi

"June 26th - which happens to be ...", Dr Fonda tells of an ultrarunner friend who light-heartedly inserts his birthday into conversation, to help others remember it. In downtown Garrett Park we investigate a nature trail, then ramble upstream along Rock Creek. Cyclists pile their bikes in a mound at a rest stop. In a back yard fluffy white Silkies scratch the soil, along with other exotic chicken breeds.

Mindful trail talk includes The Fifth Discipline (by Peter Senge: systems thinking, mental modeling, team learning, shared vision, and personal mastery), another five dimensions of Awesomeness (aka "BadAssery"), and insights from The Talented Mr Ripley.
Back yard chickens by Rock Creek Trail near Dewey Park
Stephanie at mini-cavernWe smile together at how great it feels when the Universe "lobs you some easy ones" for a change, and recount recent joys, frustrations, accomplishments, aspirations. This world is an awesome happy place, especially when one finds kind friends who care for and help one another! ("June 26th - hmmmm, maybe somebody should jot that down somehow.")

"Where does that lead?" Near Veirs Mill Road a side path beckons. From it, Stephanie spies a narrow cave opening high on a steep hillside above the stream. With only a few muddy stumble-slip-slides, up we go. "It's a magical world ... let's go exploring!"

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