2018-06-24 - Keys Locked in Car

~6.6 mi @ ~15.0 min/mi

"My keys!" Roadkill slams the car door and instantly realizes that his key ring is locked inside. Oops! He and Barry look at each other with a wild surmise: we can run 3 miles back to Roadkill's home and get the extra set of keys there!

First, though, trot down the steep hill to Ken-Gar Park, meet Gayatri, and enlist her in the scheme. She's game! The rest of today's humid-warm ramble is mere execution.

"My eyes!" Gayatri got up early, chopping onions and hot peppers in preparation for cooking. In spite of multiple hand-washings, when she inadvertently touches her face some super-spicy oil remnants get into her eyes. Thankfully tears soon wash them clean. We divert for photos at the Kensington Volunteer Fire Station where a 9/11 monument made from a twisted-scorched World Trade Center beam stands. Beautiful flowers line neighborhood sidewalks.

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