2018-09-03 - Woodside

~12.6 mi @ ~13.9 min/mi

"Knight of Pentacles - Slow Down!" Today's tarot card counsels patience, wise advice on a super-humid morning with sunbeams piercing the misty shadows. Hibiscus flowers blossom uninhibited and spiderwebs span Sligo Creek Trail. Today's route meanders through comrade Amy's former 'hood, Woodside, inside the Beltway. A northern flicker (woodpecker) takes wing on Pin Oak Drive; three deer feed at the meadow near a Goose Crossing sign. A painted mini-angel guards a driveway.

"We're oozing energy today!" Nowhere Man notes. Or sweating it out? Four electrolyte caps, a salty gel, a bottle of Gatorade, and three pints of water result in 3+ lbs of weight loss. Rabbit count = 1. In the final mile neighborhood runner Ryan introduces himself as he dashes by.

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