2018-09-15 - You Are Loved

~22 mi @ ~15.5 min/mi

"You Are Loved" - Garrett Park Sidewalk stencil with Caitlin"UR ❤️'D" reads a sweet square sidewalk stencil on Strathmore Avenue. Crabby and Roadkill pause to frame it with their fresh kicks. We're finishing the postscript to a happy humid urban ramble with Tassie and K2 that includes:
- 3 deer, a gaggle of geese, and at least 1 rabbit sighting
- a midcourse ice pop stop at Chateau Spargeaux
- "Cards Against Humanity" vocabulary lessons from the Game Night winner (don't ask!)
- multiple new cut-throughs between neighborhood streets
- Starbucks iced coffee (yay!)
- mitzvah visits to Slow Twitch and Court Jester - the first to console the sick, the second to fetch Tassie's forgotten phone
- helpful tips for newbies attending the upcoming 2019 Dopey Challenge
- a fairy ring featuring an invisible meditative zen fairy seated amidst the mushrooms (and if she was invisible, how do we know she was there? don't ask!)

"She named many religious holidays - but they were all for the wrong religions!" Someone's five-year-old was far too ecumenical for a single-faith summer camp. Trail talk celebrates the growing openness of society in many dimensions of life. A front yard is dense in reflecting globes and other ornaments.

"That cricket is driving me crazy!" Crabby's bête noir is an inch long and lurks outside her bedroom, chirping amorous serenades before sunrise. K2 and Tassie get their 10 mile goal plus a 20% bonus; Crabby likewise overachieves her planned 18 miles. At the end of the trek, Häagen Dazs on a stick gets Roadkill's core temperature down. Thank you, C - and thanks to all for a lovely-therapeutic Saturday morning jaunt with friends!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-10-06