2018-09-23 - Frolic vs Detour

~10.1 mi @ ~13.9 min/mi

Northwood High School sidewalk car"Are we on a frolic or a detour?" Nowhere Man asks. In tort law it makes a difference! (cf Frolic and Detour) Regardless, on a rainy Sunday morning we ramble up Sligo Creek, pausing to photograph miniature garden sculptures. A little old lady ("Shhh - she's a secret ultrarunner!") emerges from a dirt path at one side of a dead-end street. Adventure! The narrow muddy trail leads to Breewood Neighborhood Park, and from there the track at Northwood High School beckons.

"Look Before You Go - Pay Attention as You Cross Road", curbside art admonishes, with a dynamic drawing of a car bursting out from underground. Apparently high school students still need to be reminded! We run a lap in honor of the new World Decathlon Record set a week ago by Kevin Mayer. Another dirty digression gets us to Colt Terrace Neighborhood Park, and then via wet bikepaths and sidewalks back home.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-10-14