2018-10-06 - PBnJ 25k with Amy

~15.4 mi @ ~20.4 min/mi

Prince William Forest Park this way sleepy z"Hyponatremia!" Kase Guevara Orgeron tells of a scary experience at the Boston Marathon some years ago. Tassie and Roadkill are doing one lap of the VHTRC PB&J 50k course in Prince William Forest Park on a humid-warm day. We compare notes re swollen fingers, debate the pronunciation of "Reynaud's Syndrome", analyze electrolyte drinks and capsules, and concur that although everybody is different some common principles commonly apply. Kase and Roadkill ran together almost five years ago (see 2013-11-16 - MCRRC Stone Mill 50 Mile Race) — maybe we will again at an ultra next month?

"The square root of 365 is about 19.1", Will Rohrs declares. We discuss statistical fluctuations and the Birthday Paradox, define "technical trail" (one where you can't eye the lovely scenery as often as the ground in front of your feet), compare injuries, and philosophize about the nature of mind, dementia, and what it means to be human. Will met Roadkill at an ultramarathon ~13.5 years ago (see HAT Run 2005). Small world!
"Look at that toadstool!" Fungi proliferate in the woods, including one scarlet heart-shaped 'shroom. Leaf mold in the air and blister issues slow our pace. We play the "Don't say 'Sorry', say 'Thank You'!" game, and finish cheerfully in time for afternoon pizza with ultra-comrades J-Bird and Slow-Twitch — a happy ending for Tassie's first long trail run!Prince William Forest

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