2018-10-08 - Your Mum

~5.0 miles @ ~15.5 min/mi

"Mom, you ran a long race - you can have my leftovers!" K-Rex recalls her young daughter's kindness after yesterday's Army 10 Miler; the little girl also whispers to her big brother, "Say, 'congratulations'!". So sweet! A pair of rabbits watches Dawn Patrol pass on the way to iced coffee at Starbucks.

"You don't want to know how much those big chrysanthemums cost!" K2 warns as we tour Four Seasons flower market. ("Your Mum!" Roadkill jokes, and explains yesterday's trail humor.) Deep purple pepper plants and diverse gourds look lovely. A relaxed Halloween skeleton peeks over his sunglasses and waves as we pass by.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-10-29