2018-11-07 - Coffee with K2

~4.7 mi @ ~14.6 min/mi

" ... 'Cause out on the edge of darkness / There rides a Peace Train / Oh, Peace Train take this country / Come take me home again ...", recites Roadkill, recalling the song that ran through his head during the Ghost Train trail run. This morning he forgets his headlamp. "Things can only get better!" Dawn Patrol treads carefully around puddles and down paths strewn with slippery leaves.

"He's now #2!" says K2. She reports on a Saturday dinner with friends, just before the New York City marathon. At the next table: Dennis Kipruto Kimetto, who held the world marathon record of 2:02:57 from 2014-2018. Kimetto poses for a photo and recommends taking more than one in case the flash fails. Perfectionist!

"Can you make a Pink Drink at this hour?" Indeed Starbucks can, so we snag one to sip. Early morning meetings mandate an early finish. A McLean rabbit dashes along the sidewalk. As the sun rises we share gratitude for good health, good work, good friends. "Come on, now Peace Train!"

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