2018-11-10 - No Sushi Run

~5.8 mi @ ~14.6 min/mi

"I had planned a No Sushi Run today!" Barry remarks, as we pass Merle's favorite Japanese restaurant, SushiJin NextDoor. Maybe another time? Giant dodecahedra decorate the Ellsworth Park playground, good climbing challenges for kids. We ramble on the way to pick up Roadkill's reserved books at the Silver Spring Public Library. Brisk north winds chill exposed legs. On the way back we miss the Alton Parkway path but discover another good cut-through from Midwood Rd-Clement Rd that leads us back to Sligo Creek Trail. A big little free library offers a like-new copy of George Eliot's Middlemarch, described by Virginia Woolf as "... one of the few English novels written for grown-up people".

(trackfile; cf Remember Me (1999-05-21), My Religion (2000-01-06), Terrible Obstacles (2000-01-17), PaintingVersusWriting (2006-03-29), Mantra - Widen the Skirts of Light (2018-01-06), ...) - ^z - 2018-12-06