2019-01-25 - Four Day Crush Zone

~3.1 mi @ ~13.1 min/mi

"It's a Four-day Crush Zone!" declares K-Rex, as Dawn Patrol commiserates about how a holiday-shortened week becomes hectic when the usual five days of work gets squeezed into 20% less. Venus and Sirius glimmer side-by-side through high clouds, and a beautiful stained-glass window glows above a garage on Thrasher Road. Slick ice puddles turn exposed asphalt surfaces into skating rinks, even though the air temperature is slightly above freezing. Roadkill lectures on the physics of Planck-law black body radiation and why darker surfaces cool faster. K2 leads the way through neighborhood cut-throughs.

"You are the greatest athletes in the world!" We salute each other and debate whether decathlons or triathlons are appropriate next-steps beyond ultramarathons — and concur that injury avoidance and efficient use of limited training time are key factors to consider — not to mention glory and mental health and cultivation of friendships!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-02-19