2019-06-21 - Maternal Search

~5.3 mi @ ~14.4 min/mi

"Are you my Mother?" asks the coltish young deer, all alone as she follows Dawn Patrol from a safe distance on the hillside.

"No! And watch out when you cross the street!" K-Rex tells her, maternally. We approve the recent repavement job in Langley Forest, explore a bit of the path at the end of Whann Avenue, turn back, and meet a US Geological Service woman hiking in to check flood gauges and other sensors along Dead Run.

"Bloom!" declares a pompadour-pink sign. Is it a Joycean allusion to the protagonist of Ulysses? Or a command to passers-by, demanding that they flourish? Earlier this morning a gray fox with white-tipped tail crosses the street. K2 recounts how it was seen once with a rabbit in its jaws, wide-eyed and wondering what to do next.

"People open up to you about their fears and feelings — is that your new(est) Superpower?" We discuss how to help an organization that has room for improvement in performance and morale. Everybody's kids are fine; ice cream is in our future; the world is all right. Now, to invent that Time Machine and go back to repair the past!

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