2019-07-06 - MCRRC CCT 5k

~3.1 mi @ ~8.9 min/mi

K2 and z before MCRRC CCT 5k - photo by Dan Reichmann"All the cool kids are wearing shades!" Roadkill notes, and looks up to see Dan Reichmann on the bridge, taking a photo of brightly-clad racers awaiting the start of the MCRRC Capital Crescent 5k. Then we're off! K2 sets a fast pace; the first two miles flow at ~8.5 min/mi. Humidity is high on a warm summer morning. We weave around slower runners, find space, and settle into a steady downhill dash. Don't think about the return trip!

"Happy Birthday, Santa!" Joyce and Santa Steve are running along the trail, and soon thereafter Rebecca and Barry appear. All of us are atoning in advance for a celebratory pancake breakfast that Joyce has organized for Steve. At the Dalecarlia Tunnel we circle the turnaround cone and head back.

"We'll pull you now, Alice, and then you can pull us!" Roadkill and K2 encourage speedy Alice Franks, recovering from injury, as we catch her near mile 2. She returns the favor and leads us through the last section of the course. Barry and Rebecca cheer at the finish line. Official results show us at 27:51, just under 9 min/mi. A solid new 5k PB for K2!

(trackfile for the race; Roadkill also ran a mile pre-event to warm up, from downtown Bethesda as per trackfile) - ^z - 2019-07-29