2019-07-22 - Coffee. Deploy. Win.

~4.4 mi @ ~13.2 min/mi

"Seek to understand?" K2 suggests. Keymaster and Roadkill debate, and tease, each other about the value of learning technical details in machine learning theory. "No practitioner needs that!" vs "In 10 years, when TensorFlow and PyTorch are long forgotten, VC Dimension and the Kernel Trick will still be important!" Philosophical banter passes through Utilitarianism to meta and beyond. Unclear whether either participant is serious!

"Kessel run? Isn't that in the original Star Wars film?" In this case, however, it's a US Air Force initiative for rapid software development, with the motto "Code. Deploy. Win." Dawn Patrol makes rapid coffee deployment its priority, with early meetings in mind. We share news from recent travels and races. Coney Count = 2.

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