2019-07-29 - Leave No One Behind

~5.1 mi @ ~13.4 min/mi

"Abandon you? What do you mean? This is Dawn Patrol — we leave no one behind!" Yeah, somebody's sick, got no sleep last night, has a long day ahead, and then apologizes for cutting today's trek slightly short? No way! "Next time tell us right at the start — so we can mock you for the entire run, not just the final mile!"

"You want a tall hot blonde?" At Starbucks Roadkill confirms Keymaster's coffee order; K2 opts for iced. We circle Tysons, consider drawing a GPS trackfile image of spectacles or a bow tie, but defer that until another day. Reports of weekend activities include upholstering a headboard and showing tourist attractions to out-of-town friends. And, of course, running ...

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-08-17