2019-08-09 - Four Squares Suffice

~5.3 mi @ ~11.4 min/mi

"Cobwebby Day!" says Keymaster as we sweep the path clean. Dawn Patrol hasn't ventured westward yet from Samson's new doghouse, so today commences a survey. "Dead End" claims the sign at Five Oaks Road.

"Do you really believe that?" asks ever-optimistic Roadkill. So begins the adventure to discover new cut-throughs. A big deer feeds, then dashes away; a lovely lawn angel blesses a garden. A woman walking her reluctant-to-trot dog confesses that she's thinking about doing a marathon in Maine, and suggests that there might be a trail along Rocky Run, behind the houses at the next cul-de-sac. Follow it, cross the creek at a narrow spot, and find a way to where a gravel road dips by a flood gauge. Trail talk includes the proof that any positive integer is the sum of four squares, how to transliterate Korean using finite state automata, and the risks of blow-drying a wet furry dog. And we're back in time for morning meetings!
garden angel

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