2019-08-25 - Be Still and Know

~9.6 mi @ ~13.5 min/mi

Be Still and Know Labyrinth"Be Still and Know" says the stone at the middle of the labyrinth. Instructions posted nearby suggest:
  * Prepare - take a moment to pause and reflect
  * Journey In - release concerns and quiet the mind
  * The Center - receive what this moment has to offer
  * Journey Out - review and reflect
  * Exit - carry the experience into your day

Half a dozen miles later another spirited front yard, far more active, proclaims itself "K-Town Meditation Beach". It features bright signs: Push the Wheel - Trust - Be Who You Wanna Be - Kindness - B Awake - You R Your Choices and concludes with Just 4 Today ❤️ Everyone. A cheery footnote adds "Thank you for the paint!"
On a cool Sunday morning G-ji hikes with poles and heavy backpack, prep for a pilgrimage. Roadkill escorts her for half a mile along Rock Creek Trail. A cat poses by the sidewalk, then ambles off. Lovely lawn sculptures decorate the trek — gnomes, rabbits, angels, fairies, frogs, dogs, and an elephant. Newborn-adult Venus stands pensive in alabaster astride her shell, draped in flowing hair and beauty. Cut-throughs lead through hidden corners of the 'hood. A lawn sculpture shows a fairy, lips pursed, blowing across a flower in an open shell. Signs near her say "Create" and "Grow". Rocks by her feet are labeled "Happiness" and "Joy".Create - Grow - Happiness _ Joy

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