2019-09-04 - Ghibli

~3.14 mi @ ~19.9 min/mi

"In Japanese the studio name is 'Jiburi' - from the Italian 'Ghibli' - from the Libyan-Arabic word for a desert wind!" Keymaster explains, "The goal was to blow a hot breeze through the tired anime industry." Dawn Patrol, feeling tired and hot, runs a few steps before settling into a stroll. We arrive at Starbucks only to discover it closed. Sad!

"Don't say 'Sorry', say 'Thank you for understanding!'" Roadkill chides an apologetic employee, locked out like us, when she begs forgiveness. The boss who holds the keys is nowhere to be found, over an hour late. A smiling construction worker is a helpful crossing guard as the decaf duo hikes back to work. Conversation covers the super-efficient SpaCy machine learning library and a critique of Dan Pink's business-motivation book Drive.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-09-20