2019-09-13 - Superstitions

~6.0 mi @ ~14.7 min/mi

"Three tall hot blondes!" Alas, at this early hour the baristae don't have quite enough light roast coffee available. "No worries - just leave LOTS of room for cream!" Inside the new Starbucks a wild GPS glitch teleports Dawn Patrol a bonus 2.2 miles as we await caffeine. The new bridge over the Beltway is still closed to pedestrians - uh, officially, that is. On the other side Keymaster describes a "soft recommendation" he recently made that helped a decision maker. K2 and Roadkill offer gratuitous first-marathon advice for how to avert chafing on delicate body parts. The Trail Talk is strong in these ones!

"Never leave a pair of chopsticks stuck vertically in the rice!" We discuss superstitions - or rather, social traditions based on metaphors - in other cultures. The number four, writing someone's name in red, alternative number systems for counting money ...

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-09-28